XIXth International Sports Films Festival «Krasnogorski»
1. The International Sports Films Festival «Krasnogorski» is held with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Moscow Region, the Ministries of Culture and Sports of the Moscow Region, and the Administration of the Krasnogorsk District.

2. Objectives of the festival:

• support of sports cinema, the formation of its high social and cultural status, exchange of experience between filmmakers;

• popularization of the culture of sports, dissemination of knowledge about the world of sports and its moral values;

• demonstration of sports films for the purpose of education, training and development of mass physical culture.

3. Only premieres will take part in the competition program of the festival - they do not have wide distribution on the big screen in Russia. Sports films created no earlier than two years before the festival (2019-2021) are allowed to participate. Participation in the competition is free.

4. Categories of films accepted for the competition:

• fiction full-length tapes over 60 minutes in length;

• television films;

• documentary tapes from 30 to 60 minutes;

• short films: fiction - up to 60 minutes and documentaries - up to 30 minutes.

Films made in the original language are accompanied by editing sheets in English or Russian. Films that use foul language, violence and erotic videos are not allowed to participate.

5. A set of documents for participation:

• APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION, signed by one of the managers of the representing company and certified by the seal (if any);

• DIRECTOR'S BIOGRAPHY (text file in Word format);

• PHOTO OF THE DIRECTOR (files in jpeg, tiff format, resolution no less than 300 dpi);

• VIDEO MATERIALS (specify in the file name: movie name, country).

6. The procedure for submitting applications for the competition:

• create an archived folder with a set of documents for each film, giving the folder a name with the name of the film and the country;

• upload the folder to the file hosting service and send the link to e-mail:, indicating the name of the work and the country in the subject line. Applications are accepted until September 15, 2020.

7. The owners of the films consent to the use of materials related to their films in the program and catalog of the festival, on its website and in promotions. The festival has the right to show the film or excerpts from it (no more than five times) before, during or after the festival events for non-commercial purposes.

8. All costs of shipping video materials to the Festival, insurance and transportation are covered by the sender. The organizing committee assumes responsibility for insurance of films accepted for the Festival and their storage.

9. The festival administration reserves the right to exclude a particular work from the competition if it does not correspond to the content, artistic qualities or technical parameters, the festival regulations.

10. To determine the winners of the festival, an International Expert Council is created, consisting of at least five people. Prize-winning films are determined in the following nominations:

• Debut

• Olympic values

• Best Series

• Best Hero

• Strong will people

• Best Director

• Best Documentary

• Best Feature Film

11. The conditions of stay of official guests are specified in their personal invitations. Any organizations and persons wishing to participate in the festival as guests must notify the administration of their intention and agree on the conditions for participation. The costs of travel, accommodation and meals are borne by the organizations and individuals themselves.

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